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Key things to know about your system

How a Septic System works

There are six major components:


1. A house sewer line carries waste to the septic tank.

2. A septic tank allows the solids to settle and remain in the tank while the liquids flow into the leaching system.

3. As of 2000, all septic tanks have been constructed with outlet baffle filters. The filters must be cleaned at the time of septic tank pumping. Filters may require more repeat cleaning if they clog frequently.

4. Distribution piping, which leads effluent from the tank.

5. A liquid distribution box maybe used to uniformly distribute effluent through the leaching system.

6. A leaching system, which may consist of a leaching field, trenches, leaching pits (dry wells), beds or galleries which help purify the effluent by filtration through the soil.


How often should the Septic Tank be cleaned?


Septic tanks should be checked and cleaned regularly. However, if you have a large family, an older septic system or a food disposal, more frequent cleaning of the tank is advisable. Every two to three years is an average interval. Solids, which settle down to the bottom of the tank, are broken down by bacterial action. Eventually, the remaining undigested material, known as "sludge," accumulates and must be removed. If solids are not pumped out regularly, they will build up to a high level and can be carried from the tank to the absorption field. Those solids will clog the pipes, stone and the soil surrounding them. For over the last 30 years, Connecticut Public Health Code regulations require that new septic tanks have a minimum capacity of 1,000 gallons and 1,250 gallons if a garbage disposal is installed. 1,250-1,500 gallon tanks are common for a four to five bedroom house. At a use rate of 60 gallons per person/per day (considered average by most plumbers) a family of five uses 109,500 gallons of water a year! If the number of people in the house exceeds the average for that size dwelling (five people for a three room bed house, for example)—or if the septic tank is smaller than what the state regulations now require— the system should be cleaned every two years until experience indicates a longer period can be allowed.


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