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Thorough video inspection

When it comes time to sell your property, this information could prove valuable to a potential buyer when they make their own evaluation of the property. Once this is complete, a report will be written detailing all that was found during the inspection. It will outline the condition of the tank and the entirety of the system itself to determine what types of replacements or repairs will need to be made.


Our team can also provide you with a video inspection of the entire process so you can see how in depth our staff goes into your system. We will check all pipes leading to and from the septic tank to locate any cracks or damages that may be typically overlooked or difficult to find. Most importantly, it could save you money on potential repairs further down the road.

You'll always speak to a live person, not a machine, when you give us a call.

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Septic Inspection

We strive to maintain the highest degree of strategic planning to handle your job with superior efficiency and effectiveness.





Typically our inspection begins with locating and exposing the access cover(s) on the tank.  An assessment on the condition of the tank, baffles and whether there is a need for risers is made at this time.  We remain steady in the belief that the septic tank must be pumped to ensure a proper inspection.  Many times we have encountered a tank that leaks groundwater in or has other issues unseen below the normal operating liquid level.


A fiber optic camera is then used to scope the distribution line exiting the tank toward the leaching system. Existing conditions are documented and a flow test is begun.  A flow test is simply the addition of water at the outlet (or if access is limited, through the tank) which mimics usage within the home. This allows us to assess if the system is functioning properly.  The use of both the camera and a flow test to determine the current conditions, as well as the leaching system’s ability to accept and drain additional wastewater, ensures you the most comprehensive inspection possible.  Where applicable, other components of the leaching system may be exposed (i.e. distribution boxes, drywells) to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of the overall condition of the septic system.


We also look to confirm that only the correct plumbing exits into the septic system (no discharge from sump pumps or water softener systems).  While on-site we will look at the property for any limiting factors should the septic system need repair or replacement in the future.  After the inspection is completed, a report will be e-mailed detailing our findings within 24 hours, regarding the condition of the septic system as a whole, along with our recommendations and any repairs needed.




Terms and Conditions:

*Inspection Fee is $450.00

*During Winter Months Inspection Fee is $500.00


  • The cost of the inspection is discounted to $350.00* when the The Christopher Bryant Company cleans the septic tank on your behalf at the time of the inspection.  The costs for cleaning are based on the tank size and are as follows:


1000 gallons      $299.00

1250 gallons      $319.00

1500 gallons      $349.50

2000 gallons      $459.50


  • If the seller refuses to pay for the cleaning, then you, the buyers, will pay the cost of the cleaning as well as the $350.00 Inspection Fee* at the time of the inspection.


  • If the seller chooses to use a company other than the Christopher Bryant Company at the time of the inspection, the original inspection will be charged to you, the buyer, of $450.00.


  • You, the buyers, have informed the seller that the septic tank will be cleaned at the time of the inspection and that the seller is responsible for the payment of the cleaning at the time of the inspection.


  • You, the buyers, understand if you cancel your appointment without giving 24 hours notice to The Christopher Bryant Company, you agree to pay a $300.00 cancellation fee.


*The discount will only apply if the septic tank is cleaned at the time of the inspection. If the cleaning is cancelled for any reason, the cost of the inspection will be $450. (Does not pertain to winter months)

Terms and Condition